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  • Jbel Tistouit en route to Tizi n’Tichka

    Stunning scenery on the way up to Tizi n’Tichka

  • Approaching Tizi n’Tichka

    Approaching the mountain pass in spring

  • Barren landscapes south of the Atlas

    Barren landscapes south of the Atlas

  • Palm groves in the Draa Valley

    Palm groves in the Draa Valley

  • Driving across the dried Lake Iriqui

  • Piste through the stony desert near Foum Zguid

Transport options to the camp

Half the fun is getting there!

There are 3 ways of getting to the desert:

Firstly, the most popular method is by 4WD with one of our drivers.
See Getting to the camp by 4WD below.

Secondly, there is now a new commercial flight from Marrakech and Fez via Casablanca to Zagora. From Zagora it is 3 hours to the camp.
See Commercial flights below.

Thirdly, by helicopter or light aircraft.
See By helicopter or light aircraft below.

Getting to the camp by 4WD

It’s a spectacular trip—the drive is a reason in itself for visiting the desert. It’s an eclectic mix of mountain passes, lush valleys, Berber villages clinging to the mountain side, dilapidated kasbahs, palm groves and awe inspiring rock formations. It is simply an exciting voyage, as one travels through a myriad of landscapes from the frenetic activity of Marrakech to the calm and open vistas of the desert.

The trip to the desert is quite long, about 9 hours, but it should not be rushed. There’s a timelesness about the desert, and the trip should not be governed by the need to arrive anywhere at a specific time. For sure, one wants to arrive at the camp near sunset, but you don’t want to hurry either.

Ideally, the preferred itinerary, provided you have time, is to spend one night at a maison d’hôtes en route to the desert, three nights in the desert and then return to Marrakech in one day via Foum Zguid (this being a circular route). However, if you don’t have so much time available, you can either drive direct to the desert, or reduce the length of stay at the camp to two nights.

So, if you are going directly to the camp from Marrakech we suggest you depart as early as possible, about 07:00. If staying en route a departure sometime after breakfast is fine.

Most of our guests take a 4WD with driver, not only because it is more relaxing and informative, but also because the camp is difficult to find and the drive in the desert quite technical. However, it is also possible to self-drive as far as M’Hamid and rent from there a 4WD with driver. For those seeking adventure you can rent a 4WD in Marrakech and drive to the camp, although you will require a guide from M’Hamid.

There is no specific itinerary, because everyone has different interests and wants to do things at a different pace. But, to give you some idea of the itinerary and sights, click the link below. Bon voyage!

The trip to the desert

Commercial flights within Morocco

Getting to the desert is half the fun, half the experience. It's a long trip by road but an amazing and unforgettable insight into Morocco. However, there are occasions when you have:

  • • limited time
  • • suffer from car sickness
  • • have a connecting flight to or from Casablanca to the American continent

...then maybe it's a good option to fly.

However, whilst there are now more internal commercial flights within Morocco, the options are still limited.

Zagora is 3 hours from the camp in a 4x4.

Casablanca to Fez is 3h30.

Fez to the camp is 15 hours, a two-day trip. In both directions there is only one good connecting flight each week.

Flying to or from Ouarzazate reduces the time on the road by 4 hours. The flight from Ouarzazate to Marrakech is an interesting option because it departs in the early evening.

Marrakech to Fez is operated by Air Arabia. All the other flights are operated by Royal Air Maroc.

The best available options are below:

Casablanca to Zagora
There are flights 3 times per week as follows:
Monday: dep 0805 arr 1045
Wednesday: dep 2350 arr 0140
Friday: dep 1610 arr 1800
Zagora to Casablanca:
Monday: dep 1125 arr 1300
Thursday: dep 0745 arr 0920
Friday: dep 1840 arr 2135
Fez to Zagora
The only decent connecting flight is on Monday, via Casablanca:
Monday: dep 0600 arr 1045
Zagora to Fez
The only decent connecting flight is on Friday, via Casablanca:
Friday: dep 1840 arr 2340
Marrakech to Zagora
The only decent connecting flight is on Monday, via Casablanca:
Friday: dep 0605 arr 1045
Zagora to Marrakech
The only decent connecting flight is on Friday, via Casablanca:
Friday: dep 1840 arr 2340
Marrakech to Ouarzazate:
Tuesday: dep 1745 arr 1825
Thursday: dep 1745 arr 1825
Saturday: dep 1745 arr 1825
Ouarzazate to Marrakech:
Tuesday: dep 1905 arr 1945
Thursday: dep 1905 arr 1945
Saturday: dep 1905 arr 1945
Marrakech to Fez:
Tuesday: dep 1440 arr 1540
Friday: dep 1440 arr 1540
Sunday: dep 1440 arr 1540
Fez to Marrakech:
Tuesday: dep 1620 arr 1720
Friday: dep 1620 arr 1720
Sunday: dep 1620 arr 1720

Because the flights go via Casablanca, they are ideal for those arriving or departing from Casablanca. The internal flight option works particularly well if you are on a trans-Atlantic flight.

Whilst you can take a return flight to Zagora, most clients take a 4WD for one leg of the journey.

More information is available on the Royal Air Maroc website,

By helicopter or light aircraft

An alternative way of getting to the camp is to charter a helicopter or light aircraft. The nearest airport that the light aircraft can land is at Zagora. The helicopter can land adjacent to the camp.

The trips in both the helicopter and the light aircraft are amazing, with wonderful views of the Atlas Mountains, the lush valleys and the desert. The helicopter though, can only fly over the mountains in fine weather, which is about 80% of the time.

The helicopter can take up to 5 passengers. The journey from Marrakech to the camp takes one-and-a-half hours.

There are various light aircraft now available, ranging from twin-engined 7-, 10- or 18-seaters to single engine 4-seaters.

The twin-engined light aircraft can fly over the Atlas Mountains in any weather. The single engine, like the helicopter, can only fly in fine weather, about 80% of the time.

The helicopter costs about 7200 euro from Marrakech to the camp for a one-way trip. The cost of a return trip with an overnight stop, and provided the trip is completed within 24 hours, is 8500 euro. To park the helicopter at the camp costs approximately 3000 euro per day.

The single engine light aircraft is the cheapest option. A return flight with a one-night layover costs 3300 euro. A one-way flight is about 3000 euro. A one-way flight from Fez is about 4500 euro.

The twin-engine flights costs approximately 5200 euro for a one-way trip and 8000 euro for a return flight with a one-night layover.

Please note that these prices are for indication purposes only.

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