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Welcome to Erg Chigaga Luxury Desert Camp

Tranquillity, luxury and friendly Berber hospitality in the middle of the desert

Nick and Bobo have the longest established luxury camps in Erg Chigaga. There are two camps, the main camp which can accommodate 22 people in 11 spacious tents (25 sq m) and the private camp which has only 4 tents and is for exclusive hire only.

Main Camp or Private Camp?

The camps are essentially the same. The tents in both camps are equipped with ‘wall-to-wall’ rugs, solar-powered lighting and handcrafted furniture. Each tent has en-suite bathroom facilities. Each camp has chill-out lounges and hammocks and are nestled in the dunes. The main difference is that the private camp is for private hire only and is therefore perfect for those who want complete privacy or for family and friends. The private camp is located 15 minutes away from the main camp.

Trips from Marrakech

The trip to the camp is through a magnificent myriad of different landscapes and is a reason in itself for visiting the desert. It should not be rushed. Our most popular trips are the circular routes from Marrakech over 4 or 5 days (although it can be done in 3 days). This includes one night at a guesthouse en route, 2 or 3 nights in the desert and returning to Marrakech in one day via a more direct but equally stunning route.
See the 5, 4 or 3-day trips from Marrakech section.

The trips are all private and tailor-made. The transport are in very comfortable, yet rugged, 4WD Land Cruisers. You may stop as often as you like for sightseeing, photography and refreshments.


The cost of the main camp is 235 euro per person per night and the cost of the private camp from 250 euro per person per night. This includes all meals (including lunches at the camp or oasis or dunes), all drinks, camel rides, evening sundowners and the informal entertainment around the camp fire. The transport costs 560 euro for a 4-day trip and 700 euro for a 5-day trip.

Due to the extreme heat during summer daylight hours, we limit operations between the dates of 7 June and 31 August to a special summer camp for one-night stays only. For more information visit, please visit our summer camp page.

Why Erg Chigaga?

Erg Chigaga is situated about 9 hours south of Marrakech. Chigaga is not a mainstream destination. It appeals to those seeking adventure, something unique, something off-grid. The camp is 60 km off-road from the nearest town, M’Hamid. The ride to the camp requires a 4WD, through sand, dried out lakes and rocks. It’s location ensure there no tour buses or mass tourism. More often than not you can climb to the top of the dunes, and see no one. It’s perfect solitude and tranquility.

What’s there to do at the camp?

There is plenty to do at the camp:
camel trekking and riding, sandboarding, guided walks, visiting the oasis, visiting the not-so-nomadic nomads, and enjoying the evening’s informal music and drumming around the camp fire. But to many, the ability to slow down, enjoy the vast empty vistas, and step back for a moment to think and reflect, is what makes the trip to the desert so memorable.


We also organise flexible 7-day packages, including accommodation at our preferred riads in Marrakech, and trips to Fez, Essaouira. The routes we select are often off the beaten track and showcase the best of rural Morocco. Every trip is private and there are no itineraries. More information is available in the packages section.


There are a limited number of commercial flights within Morocco. If flying from the Unites States, a good option is to transit in Casablanca and fly to Zagora (3 hours from the camp). There are 3 flights per week from Casablanca to Zagora. There is on Monday a connecting flight from Fez to Zagora and on Friday from Zagora to Fez. There is also a flight 3 times per week from Ouarzazate to Marrakech (which reduces the journey by 4 hours). And finally, Air Arabia operates a direct flight 3 time per week from Fez to Marrakech.

To enquire or make a booking, please email

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To enquire or make a booking, please email

If outside Morocco, call:

+212 654 398520

If inside Morocco, call:

0656 563385

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