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  • Bartering for carpets in the souk
  • We welcome children!
  • The medina walls of Essaouira
  • The vast and empty beach of Sidi Kaouki
  • The ancient UNESCO-protected medina of Fes

Frequently asked questions

Things that are trivial and things that are important…in alphabetical order

The art of bargaining is to have loads of time, and know what a product is really worth. Needless to say, most people do not have the time to ascertain the real price. The rule of thumb that one should pay 70% off the initial price is misleading! One of the arts of negotiating is to look utterly disinterested. But that isn’t easy either. My strategy is to name my price and then walk off. Invariably I end up with nothing.
Cash point machines and money changing
There are plenty of cash machines and money changers in Marrakech. There are also money changers at the airport. Cash machines also exist in Ouarzazate and the Zagora, but are luckily absent in M’Hamid and beyond.
We welcome children. Also, they love the desert, whether it be playing in the dunes, mucking around in the camp or being spoiled by the staff.
Drivers and stops
Our drivers drive with caution. And whilst they know the best places to stop for both refreshments and places of interest, they are ultimately there to serve you and to stop where you request. Hence, there are no pre-determined itineraries, stopping-off point or arrival and departure times. Each trip is tailor-made to your requirements.
Essaouira and the coast
The road from Marrakech to Essaouira has been upgraded, and it now takes about two-and–a-half hours. Essaouira has a wonderful balance of the old medina which is free of traffic and very relaxing compared to Marrakech, and the beach. Essaouira can be quite windy, so it’s a kitesurfers’ paradise. However, in fine weather you can also lie on the beach, although it’s more a beach for walking, running, horse riding, than sunbathing. With respect to places to stay, Villa de l’Ô in the medina is excellent, whilst if you want to be on the beach (albeit with a road between the hotel and the beach), the Atlas Essaouira & Spa is new, modern and excellent value.
30km south from Essaouira is Sidi Kaouki, which is a throwback to the old days. It’s wild, windy, rustic, not bland at all and just a wonderful place to get rid of the cobwebs. We recommend the fabulous Rebali Riads here.
Car Sickness
The road over the Atlas Mountains has quite a few bends. If you suffer from car sickness please remember to bring your motion sickness pills.
Exclusive Hire
The camp is a perfect venue for exclusive hire for birthday parties, celebration, weddings. We will tailor-make a wonderful experience for you.
It has fantastic medina. It’s much smaller than Marrakech, but is more compact, more intense. It’s a 15 hour drive though from Fez to Erg Chigaga, a 2-day drive. One option to reduce traveling time is to take an internal flight to Ouarzazate, which operates on Saturday and Sunday only.
If you would like to have a guide in Marrakech, this can be arranged directly through the riad.
It is probably a statement of the obvious, but the sun is hot in the desert. Bring a hat and sunscreen, and drink loads of water.
We strongly recommend that you take out your own medical and evacuation insurance.
Internal commercial flights
Royal Air Maroc is the only domestic carrier, and all flights go through Casablanca. The nearest commercially operated airport is Ouarzazate which is 4 hours from Marrakech and 6 hours from the desert. The flight from Casablanca arrives at midnight and departs at 05:30 (there is an additional flight on Saturday and Sunday that departs Casablanca at 19:00 and deports Ouarzazate at 20:45).
Internet access
If you have a roaming facility it might on occasions pick up a strong enough signal on the Méditel network to download emails. Don’t expect though to surf the internet!
We don’t accept credit card payments. Payment can therefore be made in either euro, pounds or US dollars, whichever is more convenient for you. We prefer 75% to be paid 40 days in advance and the balance in cash at the camp (although is this is inconvenient for you, payment can be made by bank transfer).
Mobile phones work in some parts of the desert, and the Méditel network does operate most of the time. You can purchase a Méditel SIM card in Marrakech.
It’s not compulsory. However, if you would like to leave a tip a fair amount for the driver is 10 to 15 euro per day, and for the camp 20 euro per couple per day. For the camp please give the cash in any currency to Bobo.
Trip planning
It is undoubtedly a logistical challenge to fit all the things you want to do into your schedule. I feel that I am now something of an expert in making the trip as logistically efficient as possible. So, please do not hesitate to ask if you would like any help.
What to wear in Marrakech
Marrakech is reasonably relaxed. It is advised though, that out of respect, women cover their shoulders and dress reasonably modestly. Shorts, skirts, and t-shirts are fine.
What to wear in the desert
For all seasons, have good training shoes, hat, sunglasses. In winter (November to March) you need a pullover and perhaps a jacket in the evenings.

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