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  • Villa des Orangers, Marrakech medina
  • Riad Farnatchi, Marrakech medina
  • Riad Siwan, Marrakech medina
  • Riad Adore, Marrakech medina
  • TM Nights, Marrakech medina
  • Dar Hanane, Marrakech medina

7-night Marrakech riad package

The duration of the packages is flexible

In the medina of Marrakech we work with a few selected riads (being private homes with courtyards that have been converted into small hotels), all chosen because of their uniqueness and excellent service.

The 7-night package includes 3 nights in Marrakech (with breakfast), 1 night en route to the desert (with breakfast and dinner) and 3 nights at the camp (including all food and drink, camel hire and excursions). Also included is the private return trip from Marrakech in a 4WD Land Cruiser.

If you have more than 7 nights available, you can choose to spend additional time in Marrakech, or perhaps venture to Essaouira or Fez.

If you have less than 7 nights available, you can reduce your length of stay in Marrakech or the desert.

The packages are as follows (please note that the prices quoted are subject to availability):

  • Villa des Orangers
    Sublime 23-bedroom Relais & Châteaux hotel, just outside the medina.
    7-night package price in deluxe room with terrace 1815 euro per person.
  • Riad Farnatchi
    9 stunning suites in the centre of the medina.
    7-night package price in a Superior Suite 1720 euro per person.
  • Riad Siwan
    This 7-bedroom riad is an oasis of tranquility in the heart of the medina.
    7-night package price 1520 euro per person.
  • Riad Adore
    10 bedrooms, great location, wonderful roof terrace.
    7-night package price 1430 euro per person.
  • Riad Emberiza Sahari
    7 bedrooms, with an unusually (and delightful) light and airy courtyard.
    7-night package price 1380 euro per person.
  • TM Nights
    Swiss owned. Light, bright, airy and fabulous attention to detail. Has an excellent pool (which is rare for a small riad).
    7-night package price 1340 euro per person.
  • Dar Hanane
    Fabulously restored, in the heart of the medina. Excellent value.
    7-night package price 1330 euro per person.
  • We also recommend Riad Tarabel and La Maison Arabe. But there are literally an endless amount of excellent places to stay in Marrakech.
  • Outside the medina, we recommend the tranquility of Les Deux Tours. It is based in the Palmeraie, about 15 minutes from the medina. It has 38 rooms, and is full of secluded courtyards in serene and mature gardens.
  • Les Deux Tours
    38 bedroom tranquility in the garden setting of the Palmeraie.
    7 nights package price from 1440 euro per person.

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To enquire or make a booking, please

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If outside Morocco, call:

+212 654 398520

If inside Morocco, call:

0656 563385

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